In Sri Lanka and India, there is currently a deficit of regulated training programs in Transfusion Medicine (TM). This situation is extensive to almost all the 20 surrounding countries in the region, which are associated with the Asian Association for Transfusion Medicine (AATM).

In this context, the European partners in TRANSMED play a highly complementary role in the consortium. The combined expertise spans teaching methods and specific scientific and technology knowledge related to the TM field.

The education and training actions included in TRANSMED target the three professional groups in the TM value chain: medical officers, nurses, and laboratory technicians (MLTs). Based on the TRANSMED capacity-building strategy, we plan to achieve local, regional, and international impact in the short, medium, and long term: from A) building a collaborative consortium, including key organizations and professionals of Asia and Europe, while assessing comprehensively education needs in Asian countries; to B) the selection and training of future education leaders (“train the trainers” workshops) and the creation of a technical demonstration center in Sri Lanka.

In summary, the creation of a high-quality, tailored academic program based on the specific needs of Asian countries will eventually generate impact and provide didactic materials and technologies relevant to TM.